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Solar Power

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PCU is a Hybrid Inverter which uses Solar energy (primary) and also the power from grid (secondary), to charge the batteries. Since usage of power from grid is secondary, grid power is only used when solar energy is not present and battery voltage level reduces to a certain level. Grid power is also needed when solar power is reduced to a certain level and battery voltage is reduced to a certain level. PCU uses an advanced technology named MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to extract maximum power from the solar panel. The solar charger is IGBT based. The overall system is compact and easy to install. The following ratings are available: 1 KVA , 2 KVA , 3 KVA , 5 KVA , 6 KVA , 7.5 KVA , 10 KVA.

    Battery Health For Longer Life

    The PCU feeds the battery installed to it a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.2V and the float current (which is very close to zero) then maintains this voltage above 13V. Thus reducing the float current ( flowing for the longest period during the entire process) to zero, ultimately resulting in much enhanced battery life keeping it fully charged simultaneously.


    Extensive electronic protections

    There are a number of protections that the PCU ensures. It stops reverse current flow from battery to solar array, it provides load short circuit protection, it provides Battery/Panel reverse protection through DC fuse and Overload protection also.


    Utilizes maximum power available from the panel

    The PCU senses the point  of maximum power available in the panel and charges the battery with this maximum power. Therefore, the battery is always charged with maximum possible power at any given time. This is the feature that allows your device to work to its full capacity and thus deliver the best possible results.


    Computer interface (Optional)

    UTL PCU comes with an additional feature of computer interface. It is an optional feature that can be availed by users who wish to connect their product with a computer to process real time information. This helps in availing advanced features of the product. this feature is highly recommended to the users because the users can derive the best possible results from their product.


    LCD display with Energy Meter and Data Logging (Optional)

    UTL PCU is also available with LCD. This is an optional feature that can be availed by the customer for better user interface. When the customer opts for this feature, an Energy Meter and Data Logging facilities are also provided to the customer, which help the user to access information about the present and past status of the PCU functionality. In this way, the user can easily track the past records of the unit and thus he/she can have an idea about what needs to be done for better results.

Input voltage rangeVDC43-180 for 1,2 & 3 KVA; 86-300 for 5 & 6 KVA; 107-360 for 7.5 & 10 KVA
Number of charge controller1
Switching elementIGBT
Type of chargerPWM with MPPT
Input supply phases1 phase, 2 wire
Nominal voltage and voltage range230V, 50Hz
Output THD (V)%<3
battery low cut-off@10.8V +/- 0.1V (grid unavailable)/ battery
battery low buzzer@11.1V +/- 0.1V (grid unavailable)
battery low@11.7V +/- 0.1V (grid available)
temperature compensation@3mV/ cell; 18mV/ battery
mains disconnect@14V/ battery
mains reconnect11.7V/ battery (delay of 6 sec)
Switching elementMOSFET for 1,2 & 3 KVA; IGBT for 5,6,7.5 & 10 KVA
Nominal output voltageVAC230
Output supply phases1 phase, 2 wire
Output waveformsinewave
Nominal frequencyHz50
Load power factor0.8 lag to unity
Voltage regulation%1.00
Output voltage distortion with 100% linear load%<3
Overload at nominal output voltage for 1 minute%100-120
Overload at nominal output voltage for 30 seconds%120-150
Peak efficiency%90
Noise @ 1 meterdB60
ProtectionsOverload, Battery low, Battery high, Output low, Output high, Overheat, under frequency,over frequen
Display parametersBattery voltage, charging current, discharging current, charging AH, discharging AH
Solar voltage, solar current, instantaneous power, cumulative power
grid voltage, grid current, battery status bar graph
Output voltage, output current, instantaneous power, cumulative power
Switchesreset for system on/off, up, down, back, enter (for LED configuration)
Indicationssystem on, inv on,SP charging, Mains charging, batt low/high, overload, overheat, mains low, mains h
operating temperature°c0-55
Max relative humidity @25*C (non condensing)%95
Standard complianceIP21
Data logging30 days data storage

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